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Innovar Structures builds steel frame modular Structures that reduces construction time, cost and waste and provides massive efficiencies in production time and quality.

We produce a variety of products for builders and developers that provide affordability and quality for their projects

When compared to conventional stick built our products offer incredible value.


  • Much Lower Initial Costs

  • Up to 70% Reduction of on-site construction time (which also reduces financing costs)

  • Faster time to market for rents or sale

  • Significant savings in Operating Costs

  • 40% Lower Maintenance Costs (over 20 years)

Cargo Shipping Containers
Shipping Containers


  • Modular is considered the same as conventional construction, so assets appreciate

  • Solid-core steel exterior walls

  • Steel-stud interior walls

  • Solid-core interior doors

  • Wind/Hurricane/Fire/Earthquake Proof

  • High-performance Windows

  • Frigidaire or equivalent appliances

  • Energy Efficient HVAC Equipment

  • All units have washer/dryer hookups

  • Various siding options including James Hardie siding with 15 Year Paint Warranty and 30 Year Structural Warranty

  • Significantly reduced deferred maintenance


  • Water based adhesives, paints and epoxies - no VOC’s

  • Energy Recovery Ventilator in every unit for fresh filtered air

  • All materials used exceed strict limits for emissions such as CARB2

A Crane Lifting a Container
Image by frank mckenna


  • Recycling shipping containers

  • Significantly less waste as compared to traditional stick built construction

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