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Our Core Division works with architects, developers, builders, and commercial clients to help them build safe, strong, and green structures using code-engineered shipping containers. We work closely with our partners to source the right box for each project need and then use our experience and know-how to build-out each to exact specifications.


Our hybrid-approach to construction systems includes prefabricated "wet-cores" 20’ and 40’ container units (mechanical room, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms) built by Innovar in our factory.

We understand the builders interested in our wet-core products require a high-quality product, that reduces the overall time of construction, at a reduced cost, and maintaining the ability to provide a custom home built for the specific needs of their client and meet the requirements of subdivision architectural review committees/local municipalities to provide exterior finishes and appearances that fit their respective local market. This is accomplished by constructing a portion of the home in a controlled factory environment concentrating on parts of the house involving the “wet-core” (MEP- mechanical, electrical and plumbing). The remainder less expensive portion of the home such as great rooms, bedrooms, garages, and the roof structures will be built on site.


  1. Significantly increased profit margins

  2. Shortened construction time (build more homes)

  3. Reduced number of trades (simpler business model)

  4. Architect to customize floor plan and exterior appearance/finishes to fit market (and HOA’s Architectural Committee and local design review code requirements)

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