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Innovar Structures is a premier innovator in providing industry approved, code engineered shipping containers to meet the growing demand for affordable construction. Rather than consuming new steel and lumber, the Company capitalizes on the structural engineering and rigorous design parameters that a shipping container must meet and repurposes them for use in buildings.


Innovar Structures provides quality, sustainable, durable, long-lasting modular and modified container buildings to builders and real estate developers.
Our primary business focus is the manufacture, sale, and delivery of traditional US Building Code compliant modular units and converted shipping containers for single-family, small multifamily, and commercial real estate projects. Our residential division focuses on single-family and multi-family products that provide solutions to affordable housing needs. The commercial division mostly provides customized individual retail pop-up units for businesses and other uses.
Each container becomes a building block module that can be arranged in virtually any stacking configuration. Architectural creativity combined with engineering expertise is used in stacking and arranging the blocks, which can be interconnected and then modified to suit the specific building space requirements of any client.


Over the years, we have seen extreme market fluctuations; because of this, we are always researching market trends (see R&D section of our Investor documents) in order to develop strategies allowing us to mitigate this volatility. Our collective experience has positioned us to take advantage of the opportunities presented in such times of uncertainty. This proactive approach sets U.S. Container Structures LLC apart from our competition. 

Innovar Structures strives to control costs and to keep the workforce flexible, positioning the Company to not only weather the next economic downturn but to gain market share during those times by consolidating local labor resources. During the next slowdown, the Management Team believes that builders will be pursuing ways to save money and time, and U.S. Container Structures is positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.

In addition, since Innovar Structures' open-air manufacturing yards (see Exhibit A in our Investor Documents below) are relatively inexpensive to set up (20% of normal costs), it gives us the flexibility to move operations easily to follow a strong market area. Scroll down to view our investor documents

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