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Container-Based Structures Work for Homebuilder Hurricane Protection

Your residential real estate builder and developer needs are shifting with marketplace demands. Part pandemic demographic shifts, part cyclical economic impact, all of it affects your business.

There’s an annual nexus each year with the Atlantic hurricane season, occurring June through October. With each breath of a storm, family preparedness and safety concerns are highlighted.

With the International Residential Code (IRC) providing for state-specific guidance, its impact on your construction cost creates need to reduce expenses while optimizing cash flow to benefit from time-to-market opportunities in your operational regions.

A trending component of construction focuses on manufacturing. Much of what was site constructed is now being factory built and delivered to your location. The benefits of utilizing manufacturing in grounded in safety, while impacting your balance sheet by decreasing completion time and cost.

Safety First

With shipping container-based cores, the wind and water-resistant attributes of your homes are impacted substantially. The ubiquitous steel boxes you see transporting goods are being transformed into home bodies, implementing their 170-mph wind resistance rating to add structural integrity to your construction. Closed cell foam insulation is utilized to provide water (and residual mold) protection, while reducing heating and cooling cost.

Money Matters

Container-based construction provides you a 75% reduction of on-site build time. The heavy-lifting’s done in the factory, benefiting your cash flow by reducing your financing costs and quickening time to market. Overall, expect your initial construction costs to be reduced by an average of 50-70%.

For your buyers or property managers, containers also provide structural integrity, cutting 20-year projected maintenance costs by half. With modular considered the same as completely site-built construction, these assets appreciate accordingly.

These objectives are achieved through the impact a container-based housing manufacturer adds within the solid-core steel exterior walls. With durability and builder/owner ROI central objective, providing your occupants with the comfort of hurricane-resistant protection is a benefit everyone appreciates.

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