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What Has Innovar Structures Been Up To?

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

What has Innovar Structures Been Up to?

Largest Container Build in Florida History!
Team Success Rendering

🚀Streamlined production

🚀Hired ROCK Star Production Supervisors

🚀A Rock Star COO

🚀Implemented Value Engineering Principles

🚀Added a (Light Gauge Steel) LGS Division

🚀Opened up Contract Manufacturing for Competitor Brand Support

WHICH MEANS…..We are READY to make your project a reality!

Since Innovar Structures started, we have worked to develop the best method of providing affordable, reliable, and sustainable construction through shipping container-based construction.

Boy, has it been a ride of a learning experience!

From obscurity, Innovar Structures set up shop in Wauchula, out of an old Winn Dixie and quickly became the top employer in the quaint, but history-rich, Florida town.

Over the past 3 years, the mission was simple: Be the BEST manufacturer in space. Period!

That has meant learning from the ground, up - contrary to other dwelling manufacturers in the container space.

Whereas most companies have gone viral with a single, or handful of builds proudly touted on social media, we worked on perfecting the process to build in scale.

The Result? – We are ready to take on large projects and clients from concept to completion. In most cases, the “viral” builders run into a challenge of manufacturing, which is a common challenge in the space. They are visionary and excellent at marketing, however, the demand, cost, and logistics of keeping up with orders can be overwhelming and we want to help.

What does that mean for you?

If you are looking for a container-based build, Innovar Structures partners with other brands for specific needs to assist in their growth and development. Some of our Collaborative Partnerships include:

🏬 Looking for a commercial project such as affordable housing, veteran housing, event center, school, apartment complex, Air BNB Village, or one of the thousands of uses for Innovar Structures in the commercial arena? Reach out to our VP of sales –

🌟**NEW**CONTRACT MANUFACTURING **Are you a brand that is CRUSHING it with orders, but struggling to fulfill them? We want to help you too! Let’s talk about a way to contract manufacture and private label your creations 😊 – Turn your VIRAL following into MASSIVE income $Set up a time with for a free consultation.

🔨Looking for a Studio, Accessory Dwelling Unit under 320FT, storage, or mobile office? Check out

🚐Looking for a mobile living/RV alternative like you’ve never seen before? – Check Out -

🏡Need a Code-Compliant Single Family Container-Based Home? Check out

Did you know we also do NON-CONTAINER, Light Gauge Steel Construction? - Innovar Structures has become a truly unique manufacturer by having only 1 of 2 long-form Light Gauge Steel machines in the US. That means we can design and build panels, trusses, and framing to your specification! The possibilities are endless.

🤝Give us a call or follow us:

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