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Bonapart USA is our exclusive partner for building beautiful container-based units that are perfect for RV parks, camping, emergency housing, remote shelters, and more. Made from standard metal shipping containers and installed on DOT approved double or quadruple axle trailers, our homes measure 20 or 40 feet in length. They can be painted in multiple colors and have exterior siding installed if you desire. Our models provide access to a rooftop terrace and feature generous double glazing. The floorplan of each unit includes living areas, kitchens with full-size fridges, sinks, storage space, and butcher block countertops, as well as a bathroom with a full-size shower, sink, and toilet. The bathroom also has options for composting, dry-flush, or standard models.

RV Container Homes
RV Container Homes

 Our RV Containers are designed to withstand remote conditions while offering home-like comforts. Our insulation is made from closed cell foam, with high-performance air conditioning and heater options available. Notable additions include a rooftop terrace, keyless entry, off-grid solar power, and an on-board fresh water tank.

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