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Our School Division works with architects and builders providing to them safe, strong, and green structures using code compliant 100% steel engineered shipping containers. In addition, these structures meet the requirement of state building codes requiring fire resistant steel construction in the entire building. 


Public/Private Charter Schools, Universities and Day Care Centers should be as unique as their occupants. To satisfy this goal, Innovar Structures considers faculty and student requirements and then provides spaces that inspire learning.

School Division Containers
School Division Containers
School Division Containers

Steel modular construction is in many cases an excellent alternative to conventional wood frame school buildings.  Open expanses, collaborative spaces, natural light, sustainable long-lasting design and the latest in materials and systems are all possible using modular construction methods.


Steel modular school buildings offer the durability and performance levels of conventional construction. In almost all cases, it includes the added benefit of speed to occupancy.  Our buildings are built to meet your specific design requirements and material specifications with no sacrifices in quality.

School Division Containers
School Division Containers



Modular construction for permanent or temporary buildings is an effective solution to reduce and control construction costs. While prices are generally similar to stick-built, off-site construction adds predictability, reduces change orders, and increases speed to completion.


The modular construction method allows for an accelerated time frame and faster occupancy for schools that need space fast. Modular construction affords efficiency. Thereby, the total time from conception to completion of a new building can be as little as six months.


We build prefabricated building components to specific tolerances, in a controlled environment, outside of the rain and weather, and by repetitive teams of skilled laborers.  Indeed, our process places emphasis on using pre-designed elements. Hence, we take advantage of repetition to reduce variability in the work.


Modular construction is inherently green and environmentally friendly, in particular utilizing re-purposed shipping containers.  First, modular processes include the procurement of materials in bulk. Second, our process reuses construction waste in-factory. Third, modular methods lessen the impact on the surrounding environment on-site. Lastly, our process reduces construction time.


In the modular process, design teams incorporate features like mold-resistant dry wall or Hardie-Board, improved ventilation systems, and natural lighting. The modular process is an alternative to conventional construction. We make no shortcuts to meeting the goals of a healthy environment, reduction of allergies, and maximization of occupant health.


The quality of a learning space can directly impact student performance. Thus, high performance schools can and will have a real and measurable effect on learning outcomes.


Off-site construction is an innovative and modern alternative to the old way of school and building construction.  Today’s modular professionals and trade partners use the most advanced methods of design and construction. As a result, they often seek a merger of design and construction disciplines.

Today’s modular classrooms are affordable and built to last longer than stick-built construction units. Not only will you save money on the initial build costs, but you’ll also be able to implement efficiency-improving technologies that will lower your utility bills on a month-to-month basis.


Modular Classroom Design Options

Shipping containers are readily available in 20- and 40-feet lengths, though the most common and best suited to building an affordable modular classroom are the 40 foot long. Units can be combined together 

seamlessly to make a permanent building large enough for 30 or more students. Modular architecture is also great for outbuildings, offices, restrooms and more.


Start Your Build Today

From public, charter schools to private colleges, every organization can benefit from going modular with their next construction. Let our experienced designers and engineers help you every step of the way, from drawing up plans and sourcing materials to overseeing construction. Every one of our custom modular classrooms is built to order, which means you have full control over its layout and features.


We also partner with Sage Development an experienced developer that can assist in providing development services for school projects.

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