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As is evident to all those seeking to buy or rent a living quarters, large regions of America are facing a crisis in affordable housing.  Rents are high and are rising rapidly.


The construction industry is discovering quickly that construction costs can be better controlled using off-site vertical modular construction. With the old way of doing things materials are shipped to a construction site where workers build housing, etc. and typically this means that weather, traffic, etc. delays construction. In contrast, off-site construction (modular) building parts are prefabricated or built in a controlled environment facility protected from weather and optimized by full time on-site managers.

While this off-site vertical construction is being performed sitework is underway and when near completion our off-site vertical residential units are delivered to the site reducing construction time by 50% in some cases and saving substantial money allowing for more affordable residential and commercial construction. At Innovar we build all of our units utilizing 100% off site construction in our Wauchula Florida factory.

Innovar Structures is a premier innovator in providing industry approved, code engineered shipping containers to meet the growing demand for affordable construction. Rather than consuming new steel and lumber, the Company capitalizes on the structural engineering and extreme design parameters a shipping container must meet and repurposes them for use in residential buildings. Offering a product that typically exceeds building code requirements, the Company enables developers, architects, builders, and owners to achieve greener construction, faster execution, and stronger buildings of higher value and extended life.


Each container is a building block module that can be arranged in virtually any stacking configuration to create the spaces and volumes needed. Architectural creativity combined with engineering expertise is used in stacking and arranging the blocks, which can be interconnected and modified to suit the specific building space requirements of a client.

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