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It's been an exciting year here at Innovar Structures. We are working with some big names for some big projects (more to come on that).

We have developed some great partnerships with educational organizations and municipalities and continue to streamline our manufacturing processes.

Demand is high and we are meeting the needs of our clients by exceeding the expectations for time to produce AND quality of the product!

Today, we are sharing some recent designs and deliveries that may be an excellent fit for YOUR next project!

Let's get to the good stuff!

16'X20' 320 SFT Office

The first product is a 16'X20' 320 SFT office with a front check-in area, beautifully finished interior, bathroom, and kitchenette for the staff. This was built for a specialty project which required it to be lifted to allow access to storage and technical equipment below the unit. This can be completed on grade or lifted. See below!

Note that the floor-to-ceiling windows are a specialty request and not required based on need base - Reach out to us today for more information!

8'X40' 320SFT SPLIT USE Office

This brilliant design is perfect for setting up a shop on a prolonged development site, or just a location that requires a secured and temperature-controlled office with access to secured and insulated storage.

This client will be using the office on a new large project site as a base of operation as they develop the rest of the site.

There is no bathroom in the below version, however, we can add a bathroom as desired.

Reach out for more information!

Have another commercial project you would like to discuss?

Send us a note and we look forward to making your project a reality!

-The Innovar Structures Team

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