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Thinking about container construction, here are some FAQs to review.


Innovar Structures is a manufacturer - Our focus is to provide incredibly well-built container or light gauge steel structures to our clients in a quick turnaround. In order to do so, we operate on a FOB method of fulfillment. FOB - Freight On Board - This means that we build your unit for pickup and installation by your contracted GC unless we are facilitating delivery. Exceptions are made for commercial projects.

We continue to add products to our library and will assist with design to build on certain projects, however, we are unable to assist with land acquisition, permitting, land prep, or consultation for projects unless it falls within our commercial division.

This allows Innovar to focus on production and delivery in an efficient and consistent way.

We welcome questions! Please ask so we can provide direction.


I need a mobile office

I need an apartment complex

I need a container bathroom

I need a finished storage unit

I need a climate-controlled studio

I need workforce housing

And so on.

Let us know what you need and we will find a fit :)


• We offer containers with 1,2 or 3 containers combined as well as Light Gauge Steel buildings for FOB delivery and kit installation. Innovar Structures also boasts commercial office spaces, apartment complex solutions, mobile bathrooms, accessory dwelling units, and more! Have a project? Send us a contact form with details and the timeline and we will let you know if we can help.

• Single container units are offered on a trailer or to be placed on a foundation. It is up to the purchaser to know the municipality permitting requirements of where they will be placing the unit. **If the container is on a trailer, permitting is likely not required.

• Containers can be pre-wired and pre-plumbed internally for power and water/sewer. If this is intended to be attached to sewer/septic/or homesite electric, a contractor will be required post-delivery.

• Innovar does not provide site prep or contractor referrals, any site preparation should be determined prior to project creation.

• Custom single-container options can be reviewed but will require architectural and engineered drawings in most cases. Minor modifications may be accommodated with collaboration with the factory.

• Certain building code inspections are able to be done on-site during the container build out.

• Innovar Structures does not offer unfinished and non-fabricated containers, however we do offer “Foundational” or “Construction” Core models. Please inquire for DIY options.

• Before construction can begin a 50% deposit is due and the remaining 50% is due upon completion of the project. Financing is available.

Container Homes (Single Family, Duplex, Quadplex, LGS designs)

• Innovar works with a residential builder partner in Florida to assist with certain residential build needs. If interested in learning more – send us a note.

• Innovar Structures has a series of pre-approved architectural designs for the container home enthusiast. These have been passed for production in the state of Florida and can be reviewed with our potential homebuyers.

• Innovar does not provide site prep or contractor referrals, any land acquisition or site work needs should be determined prior to project creation and are not factored into pricing.

• Any request for a fully custom home build will require a full set of plans inclusive of architectural drawings and engineering for Innovar Structures to review and bid with there being a minimum build cost threshold.

• Certain building code inspections are able to be done on-site during the container build-out.

• Innovar Structures does not offer unfinished and unfabricated containers, however, we do offer “Foundational” or “Construction” Core models for contractors if you would like to use an alternate builder to complete your home. Please inquire about DIY options.

What is a Container Build?

• Container builds are any architectural design that utilizes repurposed shipping containers for the purpose of building material. This can include homes, accessory dwelling units, food trailers, mobile bathrooms, schools, etc. When the primary building material is a 40’ High Cube Container, we consider it in our specialty.

Where do the containers come from?

• Our containers are single trip containers, what this means is that they were utilized for cargo shipment from the originating port or country to the US. Once the cargo is unloaded, there is a cost benefit to selling the containers to companies like us for alternate use. We ensure there are no hazardous or dangerous materials present before purposing for a project.

Is all manufacturing done onsite?

• Innovar Structures utilizes in-house specialists to complete your project. You are welcome to come tour the factory and view the progress being made.

Are Containers Safe?

• Absolutely! Containers are incredibly strong construction materials that will prove to be hurricane, earthquake, and corrosion-resistant. Containers can be stacked and configured based on needs.

Can I bury a container?

• Storm shelters, subterranean storage, or anything else you can think of placing the container under ground level are viable options. Please inquire with specific questions you may have.

Do Glamptainers come with a VIN?

• Yes, Glamptainers are assigned a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as will anything we produce that will have a trailer. If interested in this option, please connect with our sales team or reach out to Bonaparte USA directly.

Do you offer contractor services?

• At this time, Innovar Structures does not offer contractor referrals. Please plan to have a contractor ready for your site plans and completion.

I have a concept I really like, can I send you a picture to provide pricing?

• Based on the volume of inquiries, we are requesting that if you have a project you would like a bid for, please hire an architect for drawings. The containers we use are a known building material in the construction community and an architect should be able to produce general drawings. If you need full design services, please connect with us when you are ready to move forward. Architectural drawings and designs through Innovar Structures require a $5,000-$21,000 deposit based on the scope of the work which can be applied towards the finished project.

How long does it take for a container to be built?

• Lead time on a project is based on the complexity of a build and the number of cuts required. General lead time for a single container or office will be 30-45 days from deposit while accessory dwelling units with no plumbing can be completed in 2-3 weeks. This is all dependent on current production.

How far do you deliver?

• We can deliver closed units (containers for drop-off) or anywhere in the continental US. Home construction is currently limited within a 100 mile radius of the Wauchula factor.

How long will containers last?

• Container builds have shown the ability to last 100 years + with standard home maintenance.

Do you offer services for Government, Municipality, or Commercial?

• Yes! Please contact us so we can put you in touch with the correct division.

Can these be used as rentals?

• Yes – There are several clients that purchase our containers specifically to rent them out. We have several relationships with “Glamp” grounds and these offer a great rental property for short or long-term! With the trailer design, they can also be placed and moved without the needs for permitting.

Do you offer Architectural Services?

• At this time we prefer that you come with an architect if this is a residential project. For commercial projects we have more ability to assist with architecture and design for a designated fee.

What goes into the price of the project?

• Projects are priced on the basis of several factors. The main factors are material costs and labor costs. Material costs can fluctuate based on the industry. This includes items from the container, down to the mini-split units and staircases. We offer our products at a competitive cost to provide quality and longevity.

Can I just buy the container and do it myself?

• We do not offer unfinished containers as building material. Working with containers is fun and rewarding, but also requires specialized equipment to make cuts, welds, hoist, and fabricate trailers. Rest assured the quality of an Innovar Structures build will surpass expectations and provide a generational product that can be enjoyed for decades to come.

Do you offer financing?

• Financing is available for container-based buildings depending on the method you would like to use. Most of the container designs on the personal side (Accessory Dwelling Units) can be financed through Personal Loans or Home Equity Lines of Credit. Additionally, offers Rent-To-Own options for ADU and Studios. Visit them at . For commercial projects, the SBA or local credit unions will be able to assist with funding. Generally, they will require two years in operation. If you are interested in speaking with a lending partner – Please connect with us.

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